Covid-19 facility provides tertiary level care: Hulhumalé Hospital

Patient being treated for Covid-19 in the Hulhumale' Covid-19 management facility | Photo: Covid-19 huttuvaanee aharen campaign

Hulhumalé, Maldives – The Hulhumalé Hospital has stated that the Covid-19 facility at Hulhumalé provides tertiary level healthcare amidst public concerns about the level of treatment provided at the hospital.

There is growing public dissatisfaction on social media about the treatment from the Hulhumalé Covid-19 facility. Social media users have accused the facility of not providing adequate care to patients and negligence.

Hulhumalé hospital administrator, Hassan Sinan has refuted these statements on “Raajjemiadhu” programme on PSM.

Hulhumalé Covid-19 facility provides the latest, tertiary level treatment.

Hassan Sinan, Hulhumalé Hospital Administrator

Sinan stated that the patients under care at the facility are provided with 4 meals a day without repeating the same menu, along with opportunities for sport and exercise during their treatment. The facility also has cable TV access to patients. The psycho-social support team from Gender Ministry also visits the patients for monitoring their status twice a week.

The negative perception created by social media is affecting present patients who do not want to be admitted to the Hulhumalé Covid-19 facility according to Sinan. There are also requests from families to accompany with Covid-19 positive patients during their stay at the facility.

The facility addressed this saying that they do not allow this since Covid-19 is a highly infectious disease, and it is up to the doctors treating patients to determine whether a patient is in need of accompaniment.

The Hulhumalé Covid-19 facility has 249 bed capacity with 171 patients admitted at present. 17 doctors and 61 nurses are working at the facility.