Additional Hulhumalé Covid-19 facility to open in October

New Covid-19 facility in Hulhumale, "Orange Hiya". | Photo: HDC

Male’, Maldives – Housing Development Cooperation (HDC) informs that the new Covid-19 facility currently being constructed in Hulhumale’ will be finished by October.

HDC states that currently the internal work of the facility is being completed, such as ceiling work, partition work, fabrication work and painting works. Noting that approximately 41% of the work has been completed, HDC informs that they are aiming to finish the entire facility by October, 2021.

The new Covid-19 facility, “Orange Hiya” is a two story facility being constructed in the previous HDC Distribution Center building to provide better care for patients who test positive for the virus and to increase the number of beds available.

Speaking at a press conference by the Health Emergency Operations Center in May 2021, Spokesperson of the President’s office Mabrook Azeez announced multiple plans of the government to increase the health care capacity in Maldives. This included operationalisation of additional ICUs, hospital beds as well as a flu clinic in greater Malé region.

Speaking at the conference, Mabrook talked about a contingency plan to increase the number hospital beds and ICUs in use. He noted that work is being done to operationalize 50 beds at the Hulhumalé Hospital and added that plans have been made to develop an additional flu clinic and sample collection centre.