Local staple food prices controlled

STO godown | Photo: Maldives Times

Malé, Maldives – The Economic Ministry of Maldives has decided to control the prices of the staple foods in the Maldives, which are rice, sugar and flour.

According to an announcement gazetted by the Ministry, the decision was made in accordance to the Consumer Protection Act, and will control the prices of the following food items as such.

  • Normal white rice – MVR 4.80 per kg
  • Normal white sugar – MVR 4.82 per kg
  • Normal flour – MVR 3.80 per kg

However, the announcement also read that given the cost of transport and services rendered during shipping, the prices of the items may be raised by the following amounts.

  • North (HA, Hdh and Sh Atolls) – MVR 1.02
  • Central (N, R. B, Lh, K, AA, Adh, V, M, F, Dh, Th Atolls) – MVR 0.82
  • South (L, GA, Gdh, Gn, S Atolls) – MVR 1.21

Any violations of the announcement would have action taken against the violating party, in accordance to the Consumer Protection Act, ended the statement.

The Consumer Protection Act was ratified during August of 2020 and serves to delineate the rights of consumers when purchasing goods and services, while also dictating the measures to be taken to protect these rights.

The Act encompasses protections for consumers from false advertising and discrimination in the sale of goods and services, while also enforcing provisions relevant to product safety and reprisals for damaged or defective goods. The Act mandates that an Ombudsman be appointed, tasked with ensuring businesses’ adherence to its provisions and enforcing compensation to consumers when necessary.