Opposition to go to court for forced closure of PPM Office

Police cordoned off PPM’s main office in Malé City, confining most of their leadership inside | Photo: PPM

Male’, Maldives —The Opposition Coalition has informed that they are discussing to go the court due to the Police closing the PPM Office everyday.

The Coalition state that they have already submitted the issue to the Compliance Burea of Elections Commission regarding this matter, as the PPM Office is being closed by the Police every evening.

Opposition Coalition noted that the with the Police forcing them to close the PPM Office every evening, their work is unfinished along with the party not being able to conduct physical meetings in the office.

The President of PNC, Abdu Rahman stated during a press conference that it is not acceptable for the police to close the office of an opposition party with force, and appear as a barrier in the work that is done to hold the government accoutable.

In addition to this, the Coalition had earlier also highlighted that the incumbent government does not allow fair opportunities for the opposition party to campaign for the upcoming local council elections.