PPM protests in front of Elections Office

PPM protestors at Elections office last night | Photo: The Press

Malé, Maldives – Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has protested in front of the Elections Commission, past midnight last night.

The opposition party PPM protested in front of the election office located in the old Jamaluddin building in Malé at late hours last night after PPM members went to lodge a complaint against ruling party Maldives Democratic Party (MDP). PPM accused MDP of trying to change the results of the Local Council Elections (LCE).

Protests erupted after a comment by a police officer, following which the PPM protestors stopped a vehicle carrying unidentified boxes exiting the elections office. The boxes were then opened in front of PPM officials.

Reportedly, the boxes included clothes.

The opposition party PPM which won 13 seats in the Malé council and the mayoral seat have accused of lax security at the elections office and accused MDP of trying to influence the results.