MPS’ Shakira passes away

Police dog Shakira | Photo: Maldives Police Service

Malé, Maldives – Shakira the golden retriever, a member of the dog squad of Maldives Police Service has passed away today.

Maldives Police Service revealed that Shakira’s death came after the canine was ill for a while. While this is the second canine death from the squad, MPS is now left with 15 members in the dog squad.

While the general public is distressed over the death of Shakira with condolence messages shared on social media outlets over her death, now only Blackie, Sam an Tara remain as the known members of the diverse canine team of Maldives Police Service.

The dog squad plays an important role in the Drug Enforcement Depart of Maldives Police Service, and was initiated by during the former administration of Maldives, by Home Minister Umar Naseer.