HPA requests everyone who traveled from Un’goofaaru after March 2nd to be quarantined

R. Ungoogaaru | Photo: Hussain Shifaahu

Un’goofaaru, Maldives – Health Protection Agency (HPA) has requested anyone who has traveled from Un’goofaaru after the 2nd of March to be quarantined in their current respective locations.

It was also requested for all such persons to inform of their travel history to respective health care facilities such as local health centers and hospitals, as well as to undergo a quarantine of 10 days. Health care facilities are also instructed to arrange sample collection of all such individuals.

The directive further advised any individual who traveled to Malé from Un’goofaaru to get their samples taken from either the flu clinic near Malé Hiyaa or from the Hulhumalé or Villimalé flu clinic. As such, all such individuals must remain in quarantine for a period of 10 days and get tested again, despite an initial negative result. Travel details during the time on the island is also requested to be shared with the HPA hotline, 1676.

This comes following multiple Covid-19 cases being recorded from the island, due to which the island is now under monitoring, barring any unauthorized travel to or from the island until further notice.