Drugs found at HA. beaches, likely thrown off boat

Suspected drug packet washed up on HA. Atoll islands | Photo: Mihaaru

HA. Atoll, Maldives – The drugs that washed up on the beaches in HA. Filladhoo, Vashafaru, and Dhihdhoo yesterday, are suspected to have been thrown into the sea by a boat.

Drugs that were found in HA. Filladhoo weigh 51 kilograms, while 4 kilograms were discovered in HA. Vashafaru

Due to the washing up of suspected drugs on the northernmost beaches of Maldives, the police has decided to conduct a special operation. A special police team from Male’ will be going to the HA. Atoll today. However, the police has revealed no further details on the matter.

The sack of packets drugs found in Filladhoo weigh 51 kilogram totally, with each packet weighing about a kilogram. The four packets found in Vashafaru weigh 4 kilogram.

Filladhoo Council President Mohamed Falaah believes that the drugs were dumped into the ocean by a boat. He has said that the sack containing the drugs was very damaged, and assumes that the drugs washed up on the beaches several days since they were thrown.

The packets were packed in a coffee brand uncommonly seen in Maldives and were of green color. The powdered drug inside was peach.

A councilor of Vashafaru has stated that the drugs were highly likely supposed to have been smuggled into the country.

The smuggling of drugs to Maldives by the sea through a number of techniques. When a foreign boat enters the Maldivian waters, the smugglers pick up the drugs by going on a boat or a speedboat.

In the special operations conducted by the police, many such operations have been discovered and individuals charged.