Supply of products will not be hindered by positive Covid-19 cases in Felivaru Cannery: MIFCO

Inside Felivaru Cannery | Photo:

Lh. Atoll, Maldives – Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company Limited (MIFCO) has stated that their products will not be hindered, even though Lh. Felivaru is currently under monitoring status and MIFCO workers have tested positive for Covid-19.

Felivaru was placed under monitoring on 24 March when a worker tested positive for Covid-19. To date 66 people have tested positive for Covid-19. MIFCO has given out a statement saying that the positive cases had been transferred to an isolation facility in Felivaru, and that everyone was in stable condition.

MIFCO has further stated that due to Covid-19, all MIFCO sites are working in accordance to a standard operating procedure (SOP) implemented within the Health Protection Agency (HPA) guidelines.

Our first priority is always, the health and well being of our employees.

Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company Limited (MIFCO)

MIFCO said that the company had emergency procedures in place for a crisis situation such as this and will be able to meet the demand in Ramadan. Felivaru tuna products are popular among Maldivians and have a higher demand during Ramadan. MIFCO’s products will be available nonstop in their centers in Malé as well as throughout the islands in Maldives.

According to the statistics released by Lh. Atoll Hospital, 66 samples had come back positive out of the 104 samples taken from the Felivaru island. While 88 sample results had been confirmed, 22 people had tested negative for Covid-19.