Fayyaaz at Nasheed: This isn’t North Korea, dont be autocratic!

Minister of Economic Development, Fayyaaz Ismail, with former President and current Speaker of the Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed

MaléMaldives – Minister of Economic Development, Fayyaaz Ismail has slapped Speaker Nasheed with a response, calling on to Nasheed to not be autocratic, and reminding him that the Maldives is not North Korea.

Minister Fayyaaz said this tonight in a WhatsApp group chat, where Parliament Members of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) are active.

In a series of messaged that went back and forth in the group chat, Nasheed said that Fayyaz has something to hide and that it would prove to be a disadvantage to President Solih, to which Fayyaz responded by saying that he has nothing to hide and that this is not North Korea for Nasheed to be autocratic.

We can only remain for some time. I only think of my safety up to this instant.

Fayyaaz Ismail, Minister of Economic Development

In addition to this, Minister Fayyaaz wrote about his disapprovement of how Speaker Nasheed gets on his feet everytime someone a comment is made by someone, adding that this is his country as well, and that he would speak his mind in order to protect it no matter what anyone does.

In his reply, Speaker Nasheed has said that he has no doubt about whose country this is, and that his greatest aim is to stop corruption inside MDP. Fayyaz then invited Nasheed to speak about the matter in front of the Public, to which Nasheed agreed.

Nasheed and Fayyaz’s feud has been ongoing for several months, with criticism and comments being passed back and forth among the two government leaders.