Maldives receives 25 tonnes of dates from Saudi Arabia

The date gifting ceremony held at Saudi Arabian Embassy | Photo: Islamic Ministry

Malé, Maldives – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia donates 25 tonnes of dates to Maldives for the upcoming Ramadan.

Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Zakir Ali, received the dates in a ceremony held yesterday at the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Maldives.

Gifting dates for the holy month of Ramadan is a long held tradition between the two countries. In the past few years, Saudi Arabia has donated over 50 tonnes of dates to Maldives. Every year, the gifted dates are distribution of dates to all islands of the Maldives and in the capital city.

Since the dates received are relatively less compared to previous years with 25 tonnes, the Islamic Ministry has yet to reveal information on distribution of the dates.

The Government of Saudi Arabia has provided assistance to Maldives throughout the years through the Saudi Fund For Development. Saudi Government allocated a 50 million US Dollars Loan Agreement in June 2020 this year to help finance the Affordable Housing Scheme and develop the Maldives’ Fisheries Sector.