Higher Education Minister launches “PITCH-UP: Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge”

Higher Education Minister Hassan launces “PITCH-UP: Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge”. | Photo: Corporate Maldives.

Male’, Maldives —The Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Ibrahim Hassan has launched the “PITCH-UP: Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge” by MEERY project for Maldivian youth.

Open to participate for all Maldivian youth across the country, between the ages 18 to 35, the “PITCH-UP: Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge” is a chance for entrepreneurial minded youth to win seed funding.

Those who wish to participate in the event, have the option to either submit business ideas as individuals or as a team of maximum 3 members. Business idea related to Tourism, Tourism related Construction, Agriculture and Information Communication technology are all welcome as the “PITCH-UP: Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge” aims to create an opportunity for youth to pitch business ideas and promote their entrepreneurial skills.

Once the participants submit their business ideas, the judges will shortlist the best business ideas submitted by the participants, who will then attend a boot camp training which will make them eligible to submit a full-fledged business proposal. These participants will then get an opportunity to pitch their ideas to an independent evaluation panel which will consists of judges from both Maldives and abroad.

The winners of this extraordinary event will receive up to USD 40,000 as a prize  depending on the financial need for the business that they have proposed. This competition is a golden opportunity and a great learning experience for the youth of Maldives that is interested in starting their own businesses.

We hope the ‘PITCH-UP: Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge’ is a great opportunity for youth to develop a simple idea into a fruitful and successful business.

Dr. Ibrahim Hassan, Minister of Higher Education

For more information regarding the ‘PITCH-UP: Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge’, interested parties are encouraged to visit the MEERY project website and social media platforms.