Presidents sister-in-law and CP’s wife appointed as MIFCO consultant

Nazeeha Ahmed, Marketing Consultant for Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company Limited (MIFCO) | Photo: Aequi

Malé, Maldives – First Lady Fazna Ahmed‘s sister and also the wife of Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Hameed‘s wife Nazeeha Ahmed has been appointed as the Marketing Consultant for Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company Limited (MIFCO).

While MIFCO has confirmed that she was working for the company and was selected through the due process, according to her LinkedIn profile, she had started the job on February 2021.

Public criticism has been aimed at the government since the matter came to light for appointing relatives of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to various government positions after creating posts. People also pointed out that while MIFCO had announced for a Marketing Manager on December 28, 2020 and that the company had not announced for a consultant.

Nazeeha has a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Washington State University and a Masters Degree in Marketing Communication from University of Westminster.

Former Acting Managing Director of MACL, Moosa Solih, who is President Solih’s elder brother was hired as a consultant for the Regional Airport Company (RAC) on March 23, 2021. The appointment brought harsh criticism from the public and various notable people against the president and Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

Before MDP became the ruling party, the party used to criticize President Maumoon’s administration stating that he had given his family members high governmental positions. However, the citizens are now speaking about how the ruling MDP party is now using their power to provide job positions for their family members just as how things were in the Maldives before.