Hiya flat draw for H10 category in progress

Social Housing Towers developed under the 'Hiyaa Project' in Hulhumale' Phase 2 | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – The Housing Development Corporation (HDC) draw to determinet which apartment is issued to the winners of the Hiyaa apartments in Hulhumalé Phase 2 is in progress.

The draw today, would only include category H10 (Category for persons with disabilities). Individuals will be selected in order of their NID number. The draw conducted upon government request will be between the 6,270 flat winners in Hulhumalé Phase 2.

The draw is being broadcasted live form state news channels. After a draw is made, the flat number, floor and tower number will be displayed on TV according to the corporation. The flat winner will also be notified with this information via an SMS.

Housing Minister Aslam announced that the maximum rental price was set at MVR 7,500 per month, although the real cost was MVR 11,000 if cost of construction and cost of financing through the loans was included.

Minister Aslam also told that once the draw for the flats are held, an agreement would be made between the flat receiver and HDC and that a three month period would be given to those to fix doors, lights and tiles in the flats.

The Opposition, back in February protested when the final list for Hiyaa flat winners was released to bring justice to people who have lost or did not receive their apartments after Hiyaa Public Housing Scheme was released on the 10th of February.

Commoners Friendship association, a vocal critic of the Hiya flat allocation process has released a statement of approval for the decision to allocate flats from the lower floors to people with disabilities.

After the the final list was released, numerous members of the public have questioned the flat committees’ point system, which prompted a news conference on the 11th of February where the President of the Flat Committee Thoha Mohamed said that many people who deserved the housing units were not selected due to shortage in apartment units.