Hiya flat draw stops due to Covid-19

Social Housing Towers developed under the 'Hiyaa Project' in Hulhumale' Phase 2 | Photo: Mihaaru

Hulhumalé, Maldives – Due to the increase in Covid-19 cases, the Hulhumalé Hiya flat draw has come to an abrupt halt.

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) had started the draw in the first week of last month, to determine the people who would be getting the Hiya flats, 16 towers of 25 floors, built in second phase Hulhumalé under the government of former President Abdulla Yameen.

Since the Housing Ministry had selected and sent the list of potential flat owners, HDC has been conducting draws to fairly give the flats. In two sessions, they had been selecting the flats of 600 people everyday.

HDC has announced that even though the Housing Ministry has forwarded the final names and information of the flat owners, due to the curfew and other measures made to stop the spread of Covid-19, they will postpone the draw of the flats.

HDC added that when the current measures are put to ease, they would continue to allocate owners. HDC said that they will announce the date of the next draw soon.

This draw held by HDC to determine who get which floor of what tower, was broadcasted by some media channels. Before starting the event everyday, HDC publishes a list of the people who received the flats. After the draw, flat owners will be informed of their flat number through a message sent by HDC.

Hiya flats are a social housing project commenced by the government of former President Yameen, in an attempt to give affordable living spaces to the citizens of Maldives.Without the down payment, the current government has decided that the monthly rate would be MVR 7,500 for the 6,270 flats. Housing Minister Mohamed Aslam stated that with the down payment, the monthly rate would be lower. The date for signing the agreements and giving the keys to the owners of the flats has not been decided yet. Although, the President’s Spokesperson Mabrooq Azeez stated that the keys will be given at sometime this month.