No valid reason to resign: Nasheed

Former President and Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – Speaker of Parliament and President of MDP, Mohamed Nasheed has stated that a party losing an election is not a reason for the leadership to resign.

Speaking to reporters for the first time after the local council elections, Nasheed said that losing the council election is no reason to resign, adding that this is not something a party leader has done in any other country.

In the local council elections held last Saturday, opposition Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) candidates won seats in MDP strongholds including winning majority in Malé council and taking the Malé mayors seat. PPM won seats in highly populated MDP super majority areas like Addu City and GDh. Thinadhoo. Nasheed said that these losses were due to the collective negligence of everyone in the party.

Looking at the current results, we should put a lot of thought into our next moves. Why this happened and if this is my fault, should be looked into. After a loss, we must calmly investigate.

Speaker of Parliament and MDP President Mohamed Nasheed

Nasheed added that reason for the loss must be investigated, adding that this was not due to a “bad” candidate being chosen. He disclosed that he will support any candidate chosen in the primary, but that campaigning was lackluster this time compared to other campaigns. He went on to state that he was not at fault for a “bad” candidate being chosen in the primary.