Rehabs & detox centres to be privatized

National Drug Agency (NDA) | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – The notice for the chance of establishing rehabilitation and detoxification centres for the treatment of drug related issues is open for private parties.

In the notice made by the National Drug Agency (NDA) it was stated that under article 47(c) of the Drugs Act, private parties have the right to create rehabilitation or detoxification centres. The notice stated that the Agency would like the private parties interested in building a rehabilitation or detoxification centre to visit the NDA to clarify information and submit proposals.

NDA has opened up the opportunity for a private party to establish and manage their own such centre in an island of their choosing, or to manage a centre which has been already set-up by the NDA.

Further information on the topic will be given on the morning of April 25 at 11:00, at NDA. The due date for submitting the proposals is at 11:00 on June 24, Thursday.