Addu City elects Women’s Development Committee

Addu Women's Development Committee | Photo: Addu City Council

Addu City, Maldives – The Mayor of Addu City, Abdulla Sodiq and the Addu Council has congratulated the Women’s Development Committee (WDC) of Addu City in a tweet.

The WDC was elected on 10 April 2021 with majority votes in the Women’s Development Commmittee Elections. MDP retains super majority of the WDC of Addu City with 100% seats.

WDC Addu City consists of ten members; five members from Hithadhoo and five from each district of Addu excluding Hithadhoo.

The primary activities WDCs were cleaning programs, social awareness programs related to health education and religion, sports events, fundraising activities, and sewing and cake courses according to Transparency Maldives.

However, under the Decentralization Act (Act no. 07/2010), WDC mandate has an extensive mandate. The Decentralization Act stipulates that WDCs are mandated to advise the Island Council on matters related to island development and municipal services provided by the council.

WDCs are also empowered to conduct businesses, protect women’s rights, file charges at court, promote women’s involvement in politics, find opportunities for women to pursue higher education, work to improve the health prospects of women in communities, and maintain records on women.