Three percent voter turnout for Addu City Hithadhoo Women’s Development Committee by-election

Elderly woman votes at Women's Development Committee by-election | Photo: EC

Addu City, Maldives – Elections Commission (EC) of the Maldives reported that 3.74 percent of total 12,397 eligible voters have turned out to vote for the Addu City, Hithadhoo and Th. Vandhoo Women’s Development Committee by-election as of noon today.

EC reports that of the eligible 12,397 voters only 464 have voted till noon.

Of the ballot boxes placed for the by-election, a vast majority are for Addu City, Hithadhoo WDC seat with 12 boxes placed with over 700 voters per box while Th. Vandhoo has only one box with only 255 eligible voters.

Three boxes are also placed in the capital city Malé for both Hithadhoo and Vandhoo voters.

Both ruling party MDP and opposition PPM are competing for the Hithadhoo seat with Aminath Shaheedha representing MDP while Fathimath Naziha competes for PPM.