Will not be influenced by any politicians: Elections

The Vice President of the Elections Commission (EC), Ismail Habeeb | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – Vice President of Elections Commission, Ismail Habeeb has said that Elections Commission will not be swayed by any political influence.

Speaking at a press conference held earlier today, Habeeb told that Elections would only do their job specified by law and that they wont do any other work than ensuring that respective candidates received the votes which had been cast for them.

He also added that the works done by Elections is internationally recognized and stated that their work had been praised by various international organizations following the past elections carried out in the country and that reports by such organizations are there as proof of this.

Habeeb also told that all the elections being carried out in Maldives were more transparent than most other countries in the world. He also added that if there was any issues with the votes, that it should be reported while the votes are being counted after polling and not when a candidate has lost the election. Habeeb told that if would make the job of Elections much easier if candidates and their parties report issues as such.

Habeeb further added that since it was Local Council Elections and Women’s Development Committee Elections which were held together this time, that human errors might be there. He added that even if human errors are there that if any data which does not make sense was added to their system then it would have been red flagged.