Local Council Elections official results out today

Voter at a polling station in Addu City to case his vote for the Local Council Election (LCE) and Women’s Development Committee (WDC) election held on April 10, 2021 | Photo: The Times of Addu

Malé, Maldives – The official results of the Local Council Election (LCE) and Women’s Development Committee (WDC)’s Election are being released today as of 14:00.

While Elections Commission (EC) is supposed to release the official results for the LCE within 14 days, before 24 April, they have released the results early on 22 April 2021.

While the official results are being released today, some preliminary results were questioned, with two constituencies going for a revote with opposition coalition holding protests against recount and revote.

For constituencies where the vote is a tie, bi-elections will be held at a later date.

The elections were held on April 10, Saturday, and voter turnout was higher than expected. Election Commission stated that out of the total 273,128 eligible voters, 67% voted.

The preliminary results showed that for the Malé city council, opposition party PPM has won 13 seats including the Mayoral seat. Ruling party MDP won 6 seats while Jumhooreee Party won 1 seat. As for the atoll council presidential seats, MDP won 11 seats while opposition PPM won 7 seats. MDP won 3 out of 4 city mayors as well.

While ruling party MDP summarily won majority seats this Local Council Election, PPM has won seats in MDP strongholds such as HA. Ihavandhoo, GDh. Thinadhoo, and Addu City, while taking majority seats over capital city Malé.