10 seats in the Local Council & WDC Elections for a re-vote

A voter in the Local Council and WDC election | Photo: thepress

Maldives – The Elections Commission decided to hold a re-vote for 10 seats to break tied results from the Local Council Election and Women’s Development Committee (WDC) election that was held on April 10.

Out of the 10 results which are tied, 4 are from Local Council Election and 6 are from WDC. The 4 local council positions are from HA. Thakandhoo, F. Dharaboondhoo, M. Raihmandhoo, and B. Kihaadhoo.

EC also decided to re-vote in Th. Gaadhiffushi and L. Maavashu, as voters who did not belong to the island had voted for the vote box.

EC added that in Gaadhiffushi, revoting will only take place between MDP candidate Mariyam Hassan and PPM candidate Hawwa Abdullah, and that in Maavashu, only voting for Council President will take place.

EC has not specified a date for the re-vote.

A total of 3,814 candidates had participated in the Local Council and WDC elections. 2,234 participated in the Local Council Election, while 1,580 participated in the WDC election.