Mayday protest planned against sexual harassment at the workplace

Anti-rape rally in Malé | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – Youth grass root movement “Rise Up Movement” has planned a protest for tonight against sexual harassment at the workplace.

The protest is to be held tonight at 20:45 at Rasfannu beach, in the capital city Malé.

According to the statement released by the movement stated their dismay at the impunity given to perpetrators of sexual offences, and call out to the parliament to address workplace harassment separately in the legislation, since the existing legislature is generalised and does not cater to workplace sex crimes.

One of the founders of the Rise Up Movement, Aishath Nuha Ibrahim (23) shared a tweet asking for survivors of workplace harassment to like the tweet, prompting 227 people to like in 5 days with many survirors sharing their experiences of workplace sexual harassment.

Nuha says that the impunity for alleged sex offenders sets a frightening precedent for the country.

The message [of impunity for sexual crimes] sets a frightening precedent. Makes [such crimes] acceptable. Anyone in any position can do anything.

Aishath Nuha Ibrahim, Co-founder Rise Up Movement

Rise Up Movement highlighted the survivors strength in coming forward in a system set against them by the law, society and legal system while suffering from lasting physical, psychological and emotional trauma.

They also demand to bring back the alleged sexual offender and former Tourism Minister Ali Waheed, allowed to leave the country with 7 counts of workplace sex offence charges against him. While Prosecutor General’s office is investigating the issue, and has the option to pursue an Interpol red notice, such an action is yet to be taken.

Maldives has seen an increase in reported sex crimes in recent weeks with crimes against teenagers and toddlers, and a body snatching, assault incident creating public uproar and protests in the communities and social media.