Vaccination halted by shortage in India; temporary stoppage to exporting vaccine

India stops exporting vaccine as they are suffering from a shortage within the country. Photo: AFP

India – World’s largest Covid-19 vaccination manufacturer, India, is facing major problems in vaccinating their citizens due to vaccine shortage and has placed a temporary halt to all Covid-19 vaccine exports.

India, currently at their worst in the Covid-19 crisis, with over 300,000 people getting positive daily are now faced with shortages of vaccine.

The country today has allowed every citizen who is above 18 to be eligible for getting their first and second doses. But authorities in several states are claiming they do not have nearly enough doses for the eligible citizens, BBC reports.

For the past week, India has reported more than 300,000 daily positive cases with Covid-19 related deaths recorded above 3000 per day. Authorities fear that the actual cases and deaths could be much higher, as there are several cases not being reported especially in countryside and rural areas.

The Indian government is facing heavy criticism as several states inform that they cannot start vaccine programs on May 1st as planned, since they do not have enough doses available.

India has placed a temporary hold on all exports in vaccine while they are attempting to solve the issue. Nothing concrete from state officials regarding the case yet.