Weather conditions in Maldives to deteriorate due to cyclone Tauktae

MNDF pumping water off islands | Photo: MNDF

Malé, Maldives — The Maldives Meteorology Department (MET) has revealed that Maldives is expected to face strong wind and rough sea for the next 18 hours due to cyclone Tauktae.

MET revealed that approximately 400 miles north of HA. Thuraakurnu, a Tropical cyclone by the name of “Tauktae” was located at five in the morning. Over the time, MET informed that the cyclone is expected to intensify further and move in a north-northwesterly direction of the Maldives.

As an effect of the cyclone, MET warns that for the upcoming 18 hours, Maldives is expected to see strong winds and rough seas, noting that especially that the prevailing southwest monsoon will bring rain and isolated heavy showers to the country.

The MET Office advised all citizens to be cautious of the upcoming severe weather conditions and to take precautionary measures against it.