BREAKING: Security tightens at Maldives Parliament with threat report

Maldives Parliament building | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – Security around the Maldives parliament house has been increased the a thread reported.

Speaking to local media, MNDF spokesperson Officer Major Ibrahim Azim said that the threat was reported last night, and security is tightened in the parliament house and surrounding areas.

The security was tightened after an individual said that Maldives Parliament should be bombed in a comment on the Facebook live stream of the Maldives Parliament debate.

The comment was made during the live stream of the parliamentary debate regarding the May 6 terror attack targeted at the former President and current Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, which critically injured him.

The individual commented that the parliament is a place that should be bombed. Said individual stated that the parliament members are illegally consuming citizen’s money and the place that houses such people should not exist.

The comment was brought to attention by Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla and the Secretary General of parliament immediately alerted the police and defence forces. The police is currently investigating the matter.

After the May 6 terror attack, the police said that there would be a crack down on terrorists and terrorism supporters, including those posting such content on social media and supporting terrorism on media comment sections as well.