Maldives Police find stolen money buried in the woods

Police searches for stolen MVR 20,000

Noonu Atoll, Maldives, — Maldives Police Service has announced that they have found majority of MVR 20,000 that was stolen from an island in N. Maafaru.

On May 10, a theft was reported to the Maafaru Police Station saying that the cash card of an individual was stolen and MVR 20,000 was withdrawn from the account at an ATM in Kendikulhudhoo.

Police revealed that two individuals of the ages 26 and 32 were arrested on the day of report and they had confiscated MVR 1000 from the thieves. Police noted that when the perpetrators were sent to court for remandment, the court released both of them.

Along with this, during an operating held by the Maafaru and Manadhoo Police Station to find the remaining money, Police found MVR 17,000 buried in the woods in Maafaru island with the help of Maafaru residents.

While Police has returned the MVR 18,000 found from the stolen MVR 20,000 to the respective owner, Police is still currently operating to find the remaining MVR 2,000.