Escaped extremist Abdullah Ali Manik captured again

Malé, Maldives — Maldives Police Service has informed that they have arrested Abdullah Ali Manik from AA. Himandhoo over accusations that he plays a big role in spreading extremism in the country.

Police revealed that they arrested a 43 year old individual without revealing any identifying details. Local news “Adhadhu” report that said individual is Abdullah Ali Manik (43) and he is said to have played a huge role in spreading extremism.

Abdhullah Ali Manik received his education in Pakistan and since his arrival to the Maldives, he has played a huge role in spreading extremism in the island nation.

In fact, he was arrested arrested in the year 2007 over extremism acts and was sentenced for 10 years in jail. However, local media outlet “Adhadhu” received information that he escaped from jail and had lived in Gdh. Thinadhoo until he was captured by the Police and had again escaped by diving into the sea during an opportunity he was given to pray on the road.

Police got a hand of Abdullah Ali Manik after about a year of his escape in Thilafushi where he changed his appearance to disguise from the Police. He was finally released from jail after completing his sentence.

Since the explosion attack that was aimed at Speaker Mohamed Nasheed on May 6th, Police has been conducting a large operation against extremism. So far Police has arrested three people from the Capital Malé city and all three are suspected to be extremists.

An operation was also conducted in the southernmost Addu City atoll where Police captured seven people related to ISIS and extremism. All individuals have been remanded until further notice.

Police has refrained from revealing any details regarding these operations. However, the Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Hameedh has assured that everyone involved to the attack on Speaker Nasheed and those who funded the attack will be arrested.