JUST IN: Quorum not met, MP Easa remains chair of Social Affairs committee

Social Affairs Committee | Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives – MP Easa, accused of domestic violence remains as Social Affairs Committee chair since the committee was unable to vote on his dismissal due to incomplete quorum.

The Social Affairs Committee which was to attend the meeting for Chairperson Easa’s dismissal has been called off for today due to not enough member’s attending to fulfill quorum requirements for a vote to be taken.

The Parliament Social Affairs committee members include, Vice Chairperson, MP Hussain Firushan of Madaveli constituency, MP Mohamed Rasheed of North Mahchangolhi, MP Mohamed Shifau of Ihavandhoo constituency, MP Mohamed Raai of Makunudhoo constituency, MP Mohamed Shahid of Funadhoo constituency, MP Ismail Ahmed of Dhuvaafaru constituency, MP Jeehan Mahmood of Hinnavaru constituency belonging to MDP and MP Hussain Mohamed Latheef of Faresmaathoda constituency from PPM.

Details to come.