Save Addu City, stay at home!

Ariel view of Addu Link Road | Photo: Mihaaru

Addu City, Maldives – The number of Covid-19 cases in Addu City has been increasing every day since 28 April 2021.

In the first few days after April 28, positive cases increased due to direct contacts testing positive for Covid-19. Now, random samples are turning positive, clusters are increasing, which suggests a community spread.

While Addu Covid-19 situation worsens, there is limited information being provided by authorities.

Although Addu Emergency Operation Center (AEOC) held regular press conferences earlier to provide information on samples, AEOC has given only one press conference from April 28 until now. The public remains in a false sense of security regarding the very real threat Addu City faces at this very moment.

While there are 121 active positive cases in Addu City, 4 people are receiving treatment in the hospital. An elderly person admitted due to Covid-19 is in critical condition.

Even though the number of positive daily cases in Addu City is increasing, the authorities have shown little concern over it. The newly elected Council members have had many meetings with task forces in the past three days, but have not yet given clear information to the people regarding how to control the spread.

The time for controlling the spread of Covid-19 in Addu is decreasing fast.

One factor leading to an increase in Covid-19 in the city is people not providing complete information to healthcare providers.

The first Covid-19 cases in Addu were found last February. The situation was brought under control in about a month due to the active participation of all concerned authorities and the citizens, and the restrictions in Addu were lifted. It can be done again if people come together at a distance.

If people do not take the current situation seriously, Addu could end up as worse as Male’. Malé is currently in a crisis situation, with Covid-19 facilities overburdened. Cases are piling up, health workers are spending their days at their jobs. Malé cannot provide help for all the atolls. Hence the people of Addu should step forward in saving the city by staying at home once again.