Recount for Kondey council president seat

GA. Kondey | Photo: Twitter/Ajwad Mohamed

GA. Atoll, Maldives – Maldives High Court has ordered a recount of the votes for GA. Kondey council president seat.

The complaint was made by Kondey Council President candidate Shuaib Mohamed Didi, to nullify the current vote results and recount the votes.

Shuaib pointed out two main problems in his appeal to the court. One was the leader of the vote box not following the rules and regulations of the Election Commission. The other, the illegal voting that occurred in Kondey.

Earlier, High Court had postponed the inauguration of Kondey Council President due to the ongoing court case.

The order given out by the High Court stated that they had decided to re-count the votes of GA. Kondey Council President, since the complaints made by Shuaib were valid and could have affected the results of the election.

The Inauguration ceremony of the newly elected Mayors, Council President and councillors, and the signing ceremony of the new Women’s Development Committee (WDC) Malé members were held on 17 May 2021.