Curfew to be imposed in all islands under monitoring status

Police and MNDF officers at a checkpoint in Malé amid the tightened restrictive measures imposed against Covid-19 spread| Photo: Avas

Malé, Maldives —Curfew to be placed on all the islands of Maldives that are under monitering status to protect the citizens from the Covid-19 virus that has been spreading at a rapid rate in Maldives.

A statement released with the signature of the Director General of Public Health, Maimoona Aboobakuru informs that from tomorrow onwards until further notice, strict guidelines will be placed in the islands that undergo monitering status.

This includes of curfew from 21:00 till morning 04:00. However, the statement noted that curfew timings may differ in different islands considering its Covid-19 situation.

With this, the citizens will also be restricted to go outside unless for necessary purposes, to hold parties, events, ceremonies and to visit from one house to another.

For all the islands under monitoring status, group of three or more individuals to gather at the road or other places will also be restricted in addition to the ban on opening salons, gyms, hair salons. All the sports and exercise activities will be temporarily halted as well.

The restaurants and Cafés are advised to carry out their services within the guidelines provided by the Health Protection Agency (HPA). This means to immediately stop in-dine services and to only proceed with take-away delivery services within the islands.

While the decision to place curfew on the islands under monitering status comes, the country already has 72 of its islands under monitering status due to sudden emerge of Covid-19 cases.

As the Covid-19 situation has worsen to its maximun so far, the government has decided to place the strictest measures including the lockdown of capital Malé city starting from tomorrow onwards.