Medical student loans waived off by Villa Foundation

Leader of the Jumhoory Party (JP) and MP for Maamigili constituency, Qasim Ibrahim | Photo: Mohamed Auzam

Malé, Maldives –  Maldivian business magnate Qasim Ibrahim has waived off the loans given to students pursuing higher education in the health sector by Villa Foundation.

The Jumhoory Party leader and philanthropist has waived off the loans their foundation gave to students studying to become doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians in addition to students studying medical science. This includes students planning to work both in the Maldives or abroad.

He noted that while the Villa Foundation and Villa Company have suffered grave losses due to Covid-19, he had decided to forgive the loans to acknowledge the tireless work being done by healthcare workers during these difficult times.

MP Qasim also thanked the healthcare sector and the government for their efforts to control the ongoing pandemic.

Maldives has recorded 142 Covid-19 related deaths since the pandemic began. 13 people passed away yesterday alone, a record number of fatalities in one day in recent history of Maldives.

Doctors are warning that Maldives that Covid-19 is out of control in the country, and everyone has to acknowledge instead of blaming one another to control the crisis.

The healthcare workers are stretched to their limits. With the active health facilities in the country overburdened with Covid-19 patients, the non-Covid-19 treatments are threatened to be hampered. Medical professionals have repeatedly stressed the threat of medical facilities being overburdened to the point that they have to choose patients to treat depending on who is sicker.