Kaadedhhoo Airport will be thousandfold better than Addu Airport: Qasim

Leader of Jumhooree Party and member of Maamigili Constituency, Qasim Ibrahim | Photo: Nishan Ali

Kaadedhhoo, Maldives – Kaadedhhoo Airport will be thousandfold better than Gan International Airport, says owner of Villa Companies, Qasim Ibrahim.

In a press session held following the signing of an MoU to re-hand over the development of Kaadedhhoo Airport to Villa Air on Tuesday, Qasim stated that the airport would be developed a “thousand times better” than the Addu airport.

He also added that with this, more tourism pathways would open up for the region and that the people of Huvadhoo would no longer need to rely on Addu Airport for their travel requirements.

The Airport development had to be re-handed over to Villa Air after the Supreme Court of Maldives issued a verdict earlier in May, declaring that the government’s decision to void the previous 50 year agreement with Villa Air in 2017 was unlawful.

The Ministry, with regards to this, stated that the handing over of the project to Villa was delayed due to matters related to Villa’s reimbursement not being finalised.

Earlier, Villa stated that the company would take over the project on the condition that an island be given to the company for resort development. However, it has not been divulged whether this condition was met at the time of handing over the project.

Villa Air is the current operator of Maamigili Airport as well.