Kulhudhuffushi kidnapping victim in critical condition at ADK ICU

Patient brought to Male' city from Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital being taken off from the Dornier flight | File Photo: MNDF

Kulhudhuffushi City, Maldives — Local news reports that the victim of the assault and kidnapping case from Kulhudhuffushi city on 29 May 2021, has been brought to Malé and is being treated at ADK Hospital.

The 29 year old man reportedly suffered from severe head injuries and had emergency head surgery at ADK. While other surgeries are needed, doctors are waiting until the swelling in the head subsides to proceed.

Maldives Police Service has revealed that the Kulhudhuffushi man was kidnapped and seriously injured by a group of people concealing their faces.

An official of the Police media informed today that they received a report at approximately 20:48 last night that a 29 year old man was kidnapped by a group of people and transported by car to a second location where he was assaulted, leaving the man critically injured. The perpetrators reportedly committed the vigilante crime alleging the victim of thievery.

The victim who received emergency care at Kulhuduffushi Regional Hospital, is transported to Malé for further treatment due to deteriorating condition.

The Manager of Kulhuduffushi Regional Hospital, Ahmed Dhaoodh confirmed that an injured man was brought to the hospital last night. The doctors informed that the individual has internal bleeding in his head and is in serious condition.

Police stated that they are currently investigating the case, however, refrained to reveal any further details regarding the incident.