Zameel’s case was kicked out because Mariya should be held responsible: MP Nazim

MP for Dhangathi Constituency, Mohamed Nazim. | Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives – MP for Dhangathi Constituency, Mohamed Nazim has stated that the decision to remove the case against Deputy Minister of the Defence Ministry, Hassan Zameel from the Parliament’s Committee on Member’s Privileges and Ethics was because the Minister of Defence, Mariya Ahmed Didi should be held responsible for the letter sent to parliament instead.

When the parliament summoned individual officers to the National Secutiy Services Committee to inquire about the security breach in the attack against Speaker Mohamed Nasheed on May 6, a letter with the signature of Zameel was sent denying the request of the parliament and stating that MNDF would answer on behalf of the individual officers.

An issue against Deputy Minister of Defence, Hassan Zameel was then presented to the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) and the Parliament’s Commitee on Member’s Privileges and Ethics for denying the request of the parliament, however, the Committee announced last night that they have decided to not go forward the matter.

MP Nazim who had previously served as the Defense Minister of Maldives explained to local media outlet of his support to remove Zameel’s case from the Committee and stated that the Minister can assign someone else to sign such a statement, however, the Minister should take responsibility for it on behalf of the person signing it.

Along with this, Nizam backed up the statement released by MNDF and agreed that individual MNDF officers cannoted be summoned under the guidelines of MNDF but the superiors of that force can be summoned in behalf of them.

We don’t believe that the Committee on Member’s Privileges and Ethics can research, investigate and take actions against a case on someone who signed a letter.

Member of Parliament Member’s Privileges and Ethics, Mohamed Nazim.

Defending the ministry’s decision, Minister Mariya had explained the reason why it is not allowed for individual MNDF officers to be summoned for inquiries.

Minister Mariya stated that under sector 24 of the MNDF guidelines, any information the officers recieved while in service is forbidden to be shared with anyone else other than those mentioned. They are the superiors of MNDF, the court, the most superior members of the Police department.

Chief of Defence Force Major General Abdullah Shamaal was summoned to the Parliamentary Committee on National Security yesterday to question over the security breach of Former President and Current Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed during May 6 terror attack. The committee has also decided to summon Defence Minister Maria Didi to the committee although a certain date has not yet been announced.

Following the terror attack against the Former President on May 6, criticism has been aimed mainly at MNDF with allegations that they have failed to provide necessary security for the Speaker. 

The police is currently investigating the cause behind the attack on the Former President. 4 individuals have been arrested so far, all of them indicating radicalisation. The Parliamentary Committee is investigating into the security breach of the Speaker following the terror attack.