Dismissal of employee who shared post wishing ill upon Yameen was correct: Hight Court

High Court of Maldives | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives — High Court has announced that the removal of an employee for sharing a post that wished ill upon former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom is right and he does not have to be compensated for the job.

A driver of Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) was fired from his job after he shared a post that wished ill upon Yameen with a saying that translates to “May the country be saved from evil Satans.” with a picture of Yameen on it.

While the individual prosecute to get his job back, the Employment tribunal of Maldives also decided that the employee does not need to be compensated.

When the issue was appealed by the employee, the High Court stated today that it cannot be considered that the post shared with a picture of former President wishing ill upon him does not imply that it was shared without any bad intentions.

High Court noted that the post wished ill upon a President of Maldives and that cannot be accepted in any way as it shows that the employee has hatred towards that President.

The verdict of the High Court stated that as the employee was one who was in close contact with the VIP customers of MPL, the actions of that person comes as a life threat for the state authorities who receive services from MPL, therefore, High Court announced that the decision to fire the employee from his position was right.