Opposition leader Yameen pledges to cancel all agreements with India

Opposition leader Yameen Abdul Gayyoom (C) in Naifaru | Photo: Maaniu

Lh. Atoll, Maldives – Former President and opposition leader Yameen Abdul Gayyoom has pledged to cancel all agreements with India upon reelection.

Former President Yameen has previously stated that the opposition government would investigate all agreements with neighbouring India before choosing which agreements to revoke. However, Yameen has now changed his stance and stated that the opposition government would cancel all agreements with India.

We are mainly concerned about two agreements, but, there still more in the name of research. We will not investigate any of these agreements in our government to see which ones are harmful to Mldivians. We will cancel all agreements.

Opposition Leader Yameen

The former President accused India of trying to control the Maldives; interfering with internal and foreign affairs of the island nation. Yameen stated that India has overstepped and wants the last word in Maldivian affairs. Citing this, he vowed to also revoke cultural agreements.

Ex-President Yameen also claimed that India assisted the incumbent government to win the 2018 election financially.

Yameen stated that the Maldives must not fear India due to its smaller size and must make its own decisions.

Former President Yameen has said this while incumbent Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has accused President Yameen of purposefully undertaking the “India Out” campaign at risk to the Maldives sovereignty in a bid for power.