Work of MDP torn in to two: MP Rasheed

Parliament Member of Alifushi constituency, Mohamed Rasheed Hussain | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives – Parliament Member for Alifushi Constituency Mohamed Rasheed Hussain (Bigey) has stated that although the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) holds majority power over two main powers of the government, the party and the government’s work has been torn into two amidst the work pertaining to these powers.

Speaking at the “Fashaairu” program of Raajje TV, MP Rasheed said that the Parliament must hold the government accountable, but if the Parliament’s work goes as far as disrupting the work of the government, then he does not believe that the party is properly doing it’s work.

He also said that while the government is working tirelessly in fulfilling the Presidential pledges, unwanted amount of friction can be seen during the Parliament’s work in ensuring accountability.

MP Rasheed stated that although the government and the Parliament are controlled by the same party, the work should be done in the most professional manner.

Agreeing that not interfering in the work of the government could likely to lead to corruption, the MP added that the Parliament should still not meddle to the point that the government cannot carry out it’s work.

When MP Rasheed was questioned whether MDP would be torn to two, he responded by saying that no one that worked to make MDP the ruling party would wish for the party to be torn into pieces.

However, the work of MDP has torn in to two.

Parliament Member for Alifushi Constituency Mohamed Rasheed Hussain.

MP Rasheed stated that he hopes for MDP to go on even while facing difficulties, however, he mentioned that he does have concerns that opinions between members might change to an extend that the relationships they have with the government might fall apart.