Calls to remove MP Rasheed from party on social media

Parliament Member of Alifushi constituency, Mohamed Rasheed Hussain | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives – Some MDP Twitter users including Alex Ahmed are calling for the removal of Parliament Member for Alifushi Constituency Mohamed Rasheed Hussain (Bigey) from the party.

The signs that MDP is attempting to remove Rasheed from the party comes with the accusation from various high-rank MDP members saying that with the help of Rasheed, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is trying to interrupt the inquiry on the terror attack against Speaker Nasheed.

While Speaker Nasheed also tweeted against Rasheed accused him of doing things for political favour.

MDP twitter users also accuse Rasheed of lobbying for other political parties, going against MDP values.

The case refers to the motion presented by MP for Dhangethi Constituency, Mohamed Nazim to remove the issue to take actions against the Vice President of Defence Ministry which was sent to the Committee on Member’s Privileges and Ethics by Speaker Nasheed and it was later passed with the votes of four MDP members.

Criticism was aimed at Bigey from various MDP members, following the dismissal of the case which accused MNDF of conflicting with the Parliament’s privilege as they denied to allow individual officers to attend the 241 Committee inquiry. However, the Parliamentary member denied all accusations against him.

Following the dismissal of the case by the Parliament’s Ethics Committee, MP Rasheed was highly criticised by Deputy Speaker and MP of North Galolhu Constituency Eva Abdullah. She accused the MP of trying to interfere with the Parliamentary investigation.

Rasheed denied all accusations against him. Rasheed stated that although the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) holds majority power over two main powers of the government, the party and the government’s work has been torn into two amidst the work pertaining to these powers.

Chairperson of MDP, Hassan Latheef said that the party has torn in to two because the government wanted to run the country without Speaker Nasheed.