Chief Justice advises superior courts to not fault lower courts when announcing verdicts

The Chief Justice of Maldives Ahmed Muthasim Adnan | Photo: PSM News

Male’, Maldives – Chief Justice Ahmed Muthasim Adnan has advised the superior courts to avoid announcing finding fault with the judges of the lower courts when announcing verdicts.

Speaking at the annual judges meeting held virtually, Chief Justice noted that at times, perhaps unintentionally, the superior courts tend to fault the judges of the lower courts that sentenced the case while investigating or while announcing their verdict. Chief Justice advised the judges of the superior courts to be cautious of not doing such things.

Chief Justice stated that the verdict announced by the superior courts must be based on the law.

If the verdict announced raises fingers at the lower court’s judge, Chief Justice stated that at such situations, the judge’s opinion shall not even be included and he believes that it would even go against the rules of Laws of the Natural Justice.

The Chief Justice also advised lower courts to observe and keep updated on verdicts by the superior courts, noting that there are many landmark rulings this year by the Maldives Supreme Court and High Court.

At the meeting, Chief Justice revealed that they are working with the Department of Judicial Administration (DJA) to create a database that would allow the judges to easily access the verdicts made by the superior courts.

Although the work is being delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Chief Justice stated that their aim is to create a software that consists of all the verdicts announced by the supreme court in order for all judges to access hopefully by the end of this year.