Judges are working with integrity: Chief Justice

Ahmed Muthasim Adnan, Chief Justice of the Maldives. | Photo: SC

Ahmed Muthasim Adnan, Chief Justice of the Maldives, has said that all the judges of Maldives are working with great sincerity.

Speaking at the launch of the Judiciary’s “CourtahFaritha” campaign, the Chief Justice said the judiciary has always been very orderly and the service is still being provided to the people in accordance with the law.

“We are still working to establish justice. We are working as a service, very sincerely,” the Chief Justice said.

The Chief Justice said the “CourtahFaritha” campaign is an important effort to explain how the judiciary works and to increase public confidence in the judiciary.

“We need to know what services these courts provide. We need to know what the easiest solution is available to them and we need to do our best to help them make the best use of it,” the Chief Justice said.

The “CourtahFaritha” campaign was launched to raise public awareness of the services provided by the judicial courts and the procedures to be followed in obtaining them. The campaign is being supported by US Aid and the American Bar Association.