MDP requests citizens to suggest plans to make Malé a pleasant place

Heavy traffic seen in the capital city of Malé amid the lockdown announced | Photo: Adhadhu

Malé, Maldives — Ruling party MDP has requested the residents of Malé city to share thoughts and plans in the meeting held on upcoming Thursday for Malé Land Use Plan to make the capital Malé city a pleasant place.

The MDP councillors in the Malé city council released a statement saying that councils have received power by bringing relevant changes to the decentralization law that MDP wanted. With this power, the statement read that the Malé council Mayor, Dr Mohamed Muizzu and the MDP councillors will provide full support into doing anything that benefits the citizens.

In their statement, the councillors invited as many people as possible to participate in the virtual meeting that will be held at 20:30 next Thursday for the Malé Land Use Plan. This is to share thoughts and plans on how to make Malé a pleasant, safe and peaceful city.

The MDP councillors also stated that they would not take a negative stance by opposing something that is presented by the Mayor simply because he is from the opposition PPM party.

For the peace of the Malé citizens, the councillors stated that they would closely inspect the works and that they would provide information of the things that are happening and not happening in the council.