Changing the law after losing council is appalling: MP Haleem

Member of Bilehdhoo constituency, Ahmed Haleem (Dhonbileiy) | Photo: Majlis

Malé, Maldives – MP of Bilehdhoo Constituency Ahmed Haleem said that trying to appoint a leader through Civil Service Commission by changing the law, after losing the local councils is appalling.

The statement from MP Haleem comes following the bill sponsored by MP of Gemanafushi Constituency Ahmed Saeed to appoint members as the Secretary General of Councils without any consideration from the local councils. While the bill was presented at today’s parliamentary sitting, the decentralisation law currently states that a member must be appointed as Secretary General of Councils according to the opinion of the council.

The state also opposed this bill presented by MP Saeed. Spokesperson of the President’s Office Mabrook Azeez said that the opinion of the state is to take the preference of the council into account when appointing the administrative ruler of the councils, as it has been done till now.

While MP of Kelaa Constituency Ibrahim Shareef was debating for the bill, MP Haleem interrupted him to say that the ones who are advocating for the bill are the ones who lost the local councils in the election.

I think this is a very dirty change. They are now trying to appoint the head after losing the local councils.

MP Haleem

He said that the law was changed to appoint the Secretary General according to the preference of the councils as they were not receiving the corporation of those in power.

MP of Velidhoo Constituency Abdullah Shafeeg said that the best way is to take the councils into account when appointing the Secretary General. He added that the ones appointed to councils are the choice of the citizens and that they must respect these decisions.

MP of Ungoofaaru Constituency Mohamed Waheed that it was arranged such that the highest person of the Civil Service Commission executing the decisions of the councils is someone who is preferred by the council following a big problem. That is delays in executing necessary decisions due to conflicts in thought, said MP Waheed.