Maldives could achieve World Cup through Cricket: MP Haleem

Member of Bilehdhoo constituency, Ahmed Haleem (Dhonbileiy) | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives – Member of Bilehdhoo constituency, Ahmed Haleem (Dhonbileiy) stated that Maldives could achieve the World Cup through Cricket within just fifteen years rather than from the national sport of Maldives, football.

While discussing about a sports bill during the parliament session, Haleem stated that Maldives should be more focused on bringing a World Cup to the country and to achieve this, Haleem said that it is important to keep football aside and rather focus on cricket as the sport is all over this region.

I believe that Maldives can achieve a World Cup within the upcoming, say 15 years, but it will be through cricket.

MP Ahmed Haleem stated.

Haleem said that the plan to build a cricket stadium in Hulhumale’ can take cricket to a whole new level in Maldives, however, he noted that these days, people may even take a topic like this as a joke and not consider it seriously.

Haleem reminded that the neighboring countries including Bangladesh and Sri Lanka were also at the same level as Maldives in cricket at once, however, they have battled through the grounds and defeated several countries to earn the glorious World Cup for their country over the past years.

While Haleem, himself was a famous football player at a time, he said that despite his love for football, he believes that everyone needs to accept that the amount of money spent on football needs to be changed in improving cricket in Maldives.