COVID-19: Maldives death toll reaches 206

Gravedigger seen at a cemetery in Maldives amid the increasing deaths due to Covid-19 | Photo: Mihaaru

Maldives record 206 Covid-19 related fatalities, Heath Protection Agency (HPA) reported on Friday.

As per the agency, the 204th fatality was a 41-year-old local male admitted to the Hulhuamel Medical Facility. He was declared dead at 0519hrs.

The 206th victim was also admitted to the HMF. The 75-year-old Maldivian male was declared dead at 2049hrs.

Maldives has been slowly recovering from one of the biggest surges faced by the country since recording the very first cases. Due to the high number of cases, the number of fatalities had also increased.

Since the beginning of June, 42 people have passed from COVID-19 in the country. The highest number of deaths recorded within a month was 88 in May 2021, during the second wave of the virus.