Signal jammers to be installed in Maafushi prison

Maafushi Jail | Photo: Voice

Malé, Maldives — Commissioner of Prisons (CP) Ahmed Mohamed has informed that they are working on installing signal jamming devices in Maafushi prison so the prisoners can have no access to mobile network.

Speaking at a program of PSM News regarding further strengthening the measures in prison, CP Ahmed stated informed that so prisoners cannot use mobiles inside the prison, they are working on attaching jammers to the Maafushi prison this year.

CP Ahmed noted that jammers were previously also installed at the Maafushi prison, however, they were not as effective and eventually broke down as they got rusted due to the nearby sea area.

However, CP Ahmed informed that they are now researching on the type of equipment that should be used in prisons of Maldives. The Commissioner of Prisons says that they are expecting to complete the installations in the upcoming year.

Prison Officers in jail have been accused of helping the prisoners bring in items such as mobile phones and drugs into the jail as Police always find several phones whenever they conduct operations in jail.

In fact, Police found a total of 43 phones during the operation they conducted at Maafushi jail last month.