Maldives Police investigate drug smuggling over prison walls

Maafushi Prison. | Photo: Sun

Male’, Maldives – Commissioner of Prison, Ahmed Mohamed informs that the Police is investigating the issue of individuals smuggling drugs over the walls of the jails in Maldives.

Commissioner of Prison, Ahmed Mohamed tweeted informing that the Police has obtained the drugs that were being smuggled into the jails in an operation that was conducted at the Asseyri Prison after the Police received intel.

Commissioner of Prison revealed that they have already handed over a project to a construction company to further heightened the walls of the prison to stop individuals from smuggling drugs into the prisons.

Recently, Commissioner of Prisons (CP) Ahmed Mohamed revealed that Prison Officers in jail have been accused of helping the prisoners bring in items such as mobile phones and drugs into the jail as Police always find several phones whenever they conduct operations in jail.

In fact, Police found a total of 43 phones during the operation they conducted at Maafushi jail last month.

CP Mohamed informed that 10 jail officers were dismissed by the Correctional Service last year for reasons such as bringing in things that were not allowed in the jail.

CP Ahmed stated that the walls surrounding Maafushi Jail are still not completed. Although the jail initially had fences, contraband items were thrown over the fences for prisoners to use. CP Ahmed mentioned that even if it happened on rare occasions, they are aware that jail officers have also participated in such acts.

To avoid such situations from repeating, CP Ahmed informed that they strengthened the system and if an officer is accused internally of such an act as well, the issue is investigated and actions are also taken against them if required.