Bill submitted to Parliament to ensure mosque safety

Mosque closed due to Covid-19 in Malé | Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives – MP of Maduvvari Constituency Adam Shareef submitted a bill to the parliament calling to ensure mosque safety, at an instance where several cases of ill behaviour at mosques have been reported.

The bill was accepted by the Parliament with the vote of 31 parliamentarians. While 2 members voted against it, two members did not partake in the vote.

MP Adam said that the bill was presented due to the increased number of cases of misbehaviour in mosques being reported, while public prayers have been temporarily stopped due to Covid-19. These include the usage and sale of drugs in addition to drug users eating and sleeping in mosques.

MP Adam added that these types of behaviour cannot be tolerated in an Islamic society and these actions are compromising Islamic regulations.

Furthermore, MP Adam emphasised several reports of such cases that have been circulating on social media. He said that this type of behaviour has been reported from approximately 7 mosques and that immediate action must be taken to prevent such things and ensure the safety and prestige of the mosques.

Maldives Police Service recently revealed that they received several reports of misbehaving in mosques and that they have arrested 15 people so far, in relation to such cases.