Malé City Council express concern over increasing violent crimes in the capital

Malé City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu. | Photo: Avas

Malé, Maldives – Malé City Council on Wednesday, expressed their concern over not being able to stop the increasing number of violent crimes in the greater Malé area.

The statement from Malé City Council comes following the discovery of a deceased 13 year old found in Hulhumalé lagoon early Tuesday. Authorities say that the child was raped and murdered.

Malé City Council said that while it has been over 24 hours since the body was found and only two people have been arrested so far, the remaining perpetrators and accomplices of the crime have not yet been arrested and remanded. They added that the delays in finding the perpetrators of the crime incites immense fear and worry among Malé citizens.

The Council further called out the relevant authorities to step up and take the necessary measures to prevent such violent crimes in the city. They noted that the perpetrators of the 13 year old boy must be found and punished to the highest degree.

They further added that the council is working on a project to digitise the city, placing cameras all around the island. This will help prevent such crimes.

The child’s family had filed a report over the child’s kidnapping with the Police on June 20, 2021. According to Maldives Police Service, following a 48-hour search, the body was located at approximately 0238 hours. Further sources have alleged that the body was brought in from the lagoon.

Police also stated that two arrests were made in connection to the murder and kidnapping. At present, the suspects are another minor aged 17 and an adult aged 27. Since, local media ‘Mihaaru’ has reported that the two individuals were known to be friends with the young victim. Authorities have assured that the matter is currently being investigated as a serious matter.